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Week  Long Course

Permaculture week long course:

In our one week course we teach all of the core ideas and principles you need to start designing and maintaining sustainable, food producing ecosystems. 


Students stay at our farm and learn all the systems we use to run our farm to table restaurant and design cooperative. 


As well as this students will receive lectures supported by high quality manuales on: 


Permaculture Design Principles and methodologies



Natural patterns

Site analysis and mapping

Water harvesting and management

Planting systems propagation and seed saving

Soil science and composting

Animal management and husbandry


Price - 600USD,

includes room and board at Granja Tzikin


All of the educational experiences are supported by high quality didactic materials and booklets, tours and real life applications showcasing over a decade's work in permaculture design in our community.  


Internship Program


People who wish to complete their learning experience can complete our month long internship program. The program starts with the above course, followed by 3 weeks volunteer work on the farm. 


Interns work from 7.30am to 1.00pm. Work involves – animal care, compost making, gardening, fruit tree care. All work is supervised by our volunteer manager. He provides theoretical training on all the work done. Interns are encouraged to continue their learning by taking advantage of their free time in the evenings to read from our library or watch one of the many documentaries we have in storage. 


At a minimum interns will gain competency in the following core competencies:


  • Goat milking and shepherding 

  • Cheese and yogurt making

  • Plant propagation and nursery management

  • Seed saving

  • Bio-intensive market gardening

  • Regenerative poultry management 

  • Chicken harvesting (how to humanly kill and butcher chickens)

  • Compost and bio-char making


Total price for one month internship, including course, one month stay and 3 meals a day - 1100 usd


Imersion Program

Granja Tzikin




Imersion Program

Granja Tzikin




Imersion Program

Granja Tzikin




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